A propos de l'exposition "The Garden Voice"

Text by Haris Metaxa

«The Garden’s Voice» is an installation project in 6 parts or variations on the title theme by French artist Karine Jollet. This is also her first Swedish exhibition and we hope the first of many to come. Karine Jollet is a soft-sculpture artist using white fabrics as her favorite medium.

«The Garden’s Voice» is presented for the first time in this format which was specifically conceived for Fiberspace Gallery. The title is taken from a long poem by Haris Metaxa, «Possessed» written in the context of the joined garden Poetry-Sculpture Exhibition called «Bodies of Grace». The two artists, poet and sculptor, produced and exhibited it for the first time in 2009 in a Parisian garden, Nature being one of the Muses.

This installation includes the poem itself, declined in 15 suspended handkershiefs in pearl embroidery («Possessed»), a suspended human figure capturing the garden’s voice («Medium»), two suspended feet with roots («Dance»), a mini-installation of two sculptures combined, one of a tunic with lungs embroidered on it and the other of two feet firmly on the ground  («Embodiment» and «Marcher - Walker»), a reclining woman connected to a flower («Rêve de Fleur - Flower Power») and a sculpture of a suspended human ear («Hearing»).

All installation sculptures are different characters of the same play, they exist in this invisible dimension where cosmic vibrations are transmitted and received and where Nature and Human beings are perceived and represented as Equal Entities sharing the same Cosmic Matrix.
Each group of sculptures and the whole installation as such bring to light a different aspect of this Harmonic Experience of being a part of the same Talking, Vibrating Cosmos.

Can you feel it ?